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RappCats—Dedicated to Saving Cats & Changing Lives

  • RappCats is a private, non-profit organization that rescues, cares for, and finds loving homes for abandoned, abused, neglected, injured, and homeless cats and kittens throughout Rappahannock County. 

  • We operate the RappCats Adoption Center, a cage-free, no-kill facility that is the only state-approved cat shelter in Rappahannock County.

  • RappCats is operated by volunteers and funded through donations alone. The Rappahannock County Animal Shelter is funded only for dogs so our rescue work and care for needy cats and kittens is critical.

  • We have a team of volunteers who socialize rescue cats and kittens to enable them to find wonderful, loving homes.  

  • We provide spay and neuter services and vaccinations to Rappahannock County kitties.

  • RappCats provides assistance to local families, senior citizens, and the community with stray and abandoned cats including helping with trapping, food, veterinary care, and essential information. 

What RappCats Does


General Assistance

RappCats assists with the spay/neuter, vaccination (including rabies), medical treatment, feeding and adoption of stray, abandoned, injured, sick or homeless cats in Rappahannock County. RappCats also helps with trapping of stray and feral cats, and provides education and information on the safe handling, treatment and care of cats.


Adoption Center

The RappCats Adoption Center is the only community cat shelter in Rappahannock County. It is also the only privately operated animal facility in Rappahannock County that is licensed by the  Virginia State Veterinarian. The RappCats Adoption Center is a cageless, no-kill shelter that accepts adult cats that are capable of being adopted. We feed, shelter, socialize and provide medical care for all cats at the Adoption Center. We strive to find each of them a loving, permanent home, and to maintain a healthy and happy shelter environment until they can be adopted.


Kittens, Nursing Mothers, Feral Cats and Certain Special Needs Cats

Because of their special vaccination and other needs, we cannot presently take kittens, nursing mothers, feral cats, or certain special needs cats into the Adoption Center. However, for these cats RappCats provides foster care, spay/neuter, vaccinations (including rabies), veterinarian care, adoption and other assistance including guidance and education on their care. Please contact RappCats for further information.

We Need Your Help!


RappCats is not affiliated with the County government and relies entirely on the generosity of people like you to support our operations. Please consider supporting RappCats!


We depend on volunteers to run the RappCats Adoption Center, to provide foster care and to help with many other needs. 


Your financial contributions, of whatever size, will help us to continue to provide a safe haven for Rappahannock’s abandoned and homeless cats, and to help Rappahannock County families and senior citizens with spay/neuter, rabies and other vaccinations, veterinarian care, and food for sick, stray or needy cats. Even small donations are important!


We sincerely appreciate your help!

Meet Some of Our Current Cats

Alaster Moody

a former colony cat with an eye injury and badly matted fur. He's recovering from surgery to remove his eye and and the indignity of a body shave. He's so appreciative of being warm and dry, he offers an adoring head butt to all our staff. We think Moody is going to make a great companion. Believed to be over 6 yrs old, Moody is a big sweet boy.


Between two- and three-years old, I’m a healthy, playful, and loving kitty with gorgeous long hair. I’m a dilute calico with leadership qualities OR I'm bossy with other cats, however you want to say it. I have one twisted little ear but it only adds to my unique beauty


A sweet male kitty. He and his companion, Miss Kitty, suddenly lost their caretaker. As loving as he is, he misses his caretaker and is anxious to find a new home and start over. Aries is about 13 years old, a Bombay mix he responds to his name.


I am a small stout little female with thick short luxurious fur. I've learned the joys of being petted and playing with toys though I'm still working on that whole "being picked up" aspect. I'm 2 yrs old.


A beautiful long-haired tortoise-shell kitty. She’s a dainty little girl and is willing to have a chat. Though she’s still a bit shy and frightened from her experiences before she came to the RappCats Adoption center, she appreciates affection and is learning to trust. Bella is about a year old.

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Tel: (540) 987-6050

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