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June 11, 2020 The Adventures of Weasie & The RappCats (Shenanigans in the Shelter)

"A Few Kibbles Short of a Fancy Feast" is no way to talk about your sister!

Hi there, and welcome back for another inside look at the RappCats! Join Weisie as he hears their stories, sees their shenanigans & adventures, and witnesses their transformations!

Many thanks to everyone for all the great responses to my first blog. The whole crew at RappCats - humans and felines- are so happy you're enjoying it! ...Dr. Deb

Well Weisie, I hope you were able to digest all the new happenings I told you about last week! And I hope you’ve gotten over any jealousy about all the new cats in my life…

Like they say sweetie (and boy, is it true) - change is the only constant!

So we've all been having a great time at RappCats since the last time we talked.

But before I tell you all about it, I have to ask you one more question...

Do you remember our friend Greg? Well, he wrote a comment here, and he pointed out that I had forgotten to ask you about Patty!!!

Yikes, I feel awful…Would you tell her I am so sorry to have overlooked her and I miss her too? (And yes, I know what you’re going to say…”Patty was a few kibbles short of a Fancy Feast”).

That’s not very becoming of you Weisie...

Patty did her best.

Even you have to admit she was beautiful (I know…not your type) and super sweet. (No…that’s NOT the same as a “pushover puss”!). St. Peter must like cats if he let you and Amber in after how you teased poor Patty!

Anyway, please do the right thing. Tell her hello, and tell her I miss her and love her, OK? You can do it Weisie - I know you can!

So, back to RappCats...I have really exciting news!

We found fur-ever homes for 3 cats!

Remember Alastor Moody (Mr. One Eye)? He went to a great family with 2 little kids who I just know are going to love on him like crazy. He is going to be SO happy!

He got a special certificate of adoption, and a pink bow, which he rolled his eye at, and I could just tell he was thinking "PINK?" Have you mistaken me for MISS Moody or what?! But he's a very forgiving type, so he left on excellent terms (even though the photo's not very convincing, is it?) LOL

Weisie, I hope everything is going smoothly where you are. But down here, we’re going through some hard times right now. Some people are all alone. And I think maybe they’ve wisely decided a cat would be the perfect companion.

Did you know holding a cat reduces human stress and blood pressure? Yes, ok, of course you did. Don’t rub it in. That’s not very becoming either, smarty pants.

Weisie, I think it must be the most wonderful feeling when a cat gets chosen to join a fur-ever family. You can just see in their eyes. They are SO grateful and happy to have their own house.

Which yes...they will rule.

Lady Meoucelot was brought to RappCats

after being found wandering all on her own.

A very smart lady wasted no time

in adopting this gorgeous luv bug!

Anders was also a stray

who a good samaritan brought to RappCats.

Can't you just tell he's thinking "No way is this gonna work".

Well, he was right!

In record-breaking time, handsome Anders was adopted too!

Oh, and I almost forgot - I was able to visit one of our adoptees in his new home! "Milo" came to the shelter last year and when a very nice lady named Denise came to RappCats searching for a new cat companion, she picked him right out! The only problem was (and it wasn't really a problem) she was leaving for Florida (that's a place where it's much warmer in December than in Virginia!) Cats would probably spend the winter there too if they could...

Anyway, we knew she'd make a great Mom for Milo, so we put a "Reserved" sign around his neck (nah...I'm just pulling your tail). But we did make sure everybody who visited the shelter knew he was "taken" (he was so cute, otherwise he might have gotten picked again!).

And as soon as Denise got home and unpacked, she came and got Milo. She always loved the name "Zak", so now Milo is Zak, and he has a new name and a new life! (To be honest, he didn't answer to Milo anyway....)

i could tell he likes his new name and he's crazy about his new Mom. He even got a brother in the deal! His brother's name is Alfie, and he is a super sweet DOG (!) who treats Zak very kindly. They've even agreed they can both sleep on the bed with Mom at the same time (I think she's not so sure about it though).

This is Zak - on the left - at the shelter with his roommate Rocky.

(Rocky was a real survivor!)

I'll tell you all about him another time...

...BUT NOW...

This is Zak in his new home. Doesn't he look like a brand new cat?

He has quite the air of sophistication about him now that he has trimmed down and toned up!

i guess that's what daily playing with your new Mom and brother does for you!

And boy, as you can see, he's got a great perch to take in the view!

Well, Weisie cat, that's enough for today!

But don't go anywhere, cuz next time I've got a story you won't believe. It's the saga of "The Amazing Randy", who came to RappCats in such bad condition that no one knew if he would survive.

Be prepared for a heartwarming tale (with lots of along-the-way photos) of suspense, courage, hard work, patience, and ultimate transformation!

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We thank you!

Your’s til butterflies! Meow for now!


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